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Clothes are among the conventions of society that often make little sense to the Bohemian mind. Especially when it's hot, say 80 degrees Fahrenheit, one has to wonder why it is necessary to put ON clothes in one's own home. (Well, the upholstery? For the uninitiated, that's one reason naturists carry around and sit on towels.)

At the same time, Bohemians are generally tolerant of their own and others' foibles. "Clothing optional" is a more relaxed and informal approach to social nudity than rigid nudism. In particular, it allows free spirits to enjoy the company of others who simply don't feel like going nude at the moment. It's a more friendly way to introduce one's friends to the nonsense of clothes.

The collection of resources and comments here includes both nudist and clothing optional destinations, as well as some help in creating your own clothing optional world.


In an article that originally appeared in an on-line publication of the Elysium Institute, Pam Brown speaks of the popular misconceptions of Naturism, and of her hopes for overcoming them through openness. She cites John Irving's words, "If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it." The full text of her article appears in Pride Over Prejudice.

Socially Nude

Naturist resorts offer a way to relax with people who share your disdain of clothing. Palm Springs in Southern California has several successful hotel complexes that cater to nudists, and there are numerous cruises and travel destinations that offer clothes-free vacations. The mainstay of social nude recreation in any area is still likely to be the local clothes-free club. Also, don't neglect the potential of your own back yard!

Nudist and Naturist Organizations

Most traditional nudists belong to at least one organization that promotes their way of life. These groups are the best way to find local clubs. The "landed" clubs have their own property. The "traveling" clubs are groups of nudists who travel to members' homes and to the landed clubs to socialize.

Clothes-Free Resorts

"Resort" is perhaps a generous word for many of these places, as the amenities are sometimes quite basic. It is absolutely descriptive of their affect on you when you visit. These are places of repair and replenishment. Taking off your clothes you take off your cares, you take off your work, you take off your anxieties, and you soak up joy and comfort from those you find sharing your journey.

Naked Friends at Home

If you are blessed with a backyard and a free spirit, it is absolutely annoying to have to put on clothes just to go outside. Do yourself and your friends a favor and build in some privacy. Discover the social therapy of hot tubs. And make sure to have plenty of clean towels for visitors.

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