Nudist and Naturist Organizations

Most local clubs and campgrounds belong to the American Association for Nude Recreation , which is the trade association for "landed" nudist clubs. The AANR was called the American Sunbathing Association back when I first joined it, around 1965. It provides legal defense against local attacks on nude living and promotes awareness of nudism as a healthy and wholesome family choice. Many of us are proud to contribute to this work through our individual memberships.

The regional AANR affiliate for Pacific Bohemians is the American Association for Nude Recreation, Western Region . The Western Sunbathing Association (WSA) recently gave up its long-standing independent identity in favor of this long name and a subsidiary relationship with the national organization. At least they kept the old smiling-sun logo...

An organization more focused on the needs of individual nudists is The Naturist Society . (In June, 2002, we have had some problems with this site responding to http requests, even though it responds to pings at The society's thick magazine, "Nude & Natural: The Quarterly Journal of Clothes-Optional Living", is edited by Judi Ditzler to deliver a broad and open-minded cross-section of opinion and news about naturist subjects. Lee Baxandall was the original publisher of the magazine and the creative force behind The Naturist Society. He recently retired from active participation in its daily affairs. The organization has a decidedly free-spirited and Bohemian outlook, and I encourage you to join me in membership, if this is one of your interests.

A new local organization is the Southern California Naturist Association . Formed in April, 2002, by former members of the Elysium Institute, SCNA is dedicated to supporting a wide range of clothing-optional activities and groups in its local area. It differs from many "non-landed" organizations in its policy of inclusion and in the breadth of its sponsored activities, which include recreation, education and personal growth.

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