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Our own focus is the Southern California area. We plan to include resorts and campgrounds in other areas if we are able to provide useful comments (our own or others'). For general lists of resorts, see the web sites maintained by Nudist and Naturist Organizations .

Perhaps because we are most attracted to places that are small, informal and not obviously commercial, two of the locations we originally chose to profile have closed. Much of the original descriptions have been kept--both to provide a history and to nurture the hope that members can reinvent each place in the future.


Elysium was one of the most laid-back resorts in California.

After 32 years in Topanga Canyon, the beautiful Elysium Fields closed in September, 2000, when the rented grounds were put up for sale by daughters of the founder, Ed Lange. The non-profit Elysium Institute hoped to re-open a club facility at the private home of Betty and Sandy Meltzer at 33333 Mulholland Highway in Malibu. Many members of the Insititute worked to improve the site and donated funds to the cause.

The effort to create a new home in Malibu came to an end in November, 2001. The Meltzers had to bow to the reality of low attendance at the remote site, and were forced to put the property up for sale. Members of the Elysium Tribe will need to find a way to stay in touch with each other, if any hope of a future resort is to be kept alive. Former director Gary Mussell and about a dozen active members are now working to find a way for the club to continue.

We have kept our descriptive link (above) because Elysium was unique among nudist parks. There is no truly equivalent option for low-stress, broadly accepting, humanistic, clothing-optional relaxation. We all need to remember what was lost.

Nevada Sun Rancho

"The Biggest Little Nudist Club in Nevada" was a good reason to plan some extra time when you were driving Interstate 15 between Southern California and Las Vegas. It was forced to close in October, 2001, following a long-running dispute with government agencies in Clark County over its lack of permits and other issues. Its web site says "Sorry! We Are Closed For Renovation" (December, 2001). Owner Gloria Massey has told us that she hopes to reopen the club early in 2002. More information about this site is included on our dedicated page .

The club had a traditional nudist expectation that visitors lose their clothing, with an occasional exception for a first-timer who wasn't yet sure of the psychological safety of being nude among strangers. Both the weather and the welcome at this friendly place were so warm when I last visited over a year ago that I couldn't imagine anyone who visited wanting to remain dressed for long.

Mystic Oaks (McConville)

Rugged, quiet and away from it all you will find Mystic Oaks, a residential enclave of Southern California naturists with a history almost 70 years old. This retreat is nestled among California oak trees in Long Canyon, in the Cleveland National Forest South of Lake Elsinore, in Riverside County. (From I-15 go to and around Lake Elsinore, then continue southwest 6.5 miles on Highway 74 (the old Ortega Highway) to Los Pinos Camp Road. Turn right and go 3/4 miles to a fork in the dirt road, turn right and continue 600 feet to the gate.)

It there is a California resort that perfectly fits the word and image 'Bohemian', this is it. Historic wooden cabins from the 1930's still dot the grounds. The camp has recently added... electricity! Members and residents often have large weekend pot-luck buffets, but there is no cafe, so you will need to bring food from town.

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