Member and Guest Behavior at SCNA Events

It is an objective of SCNA to create a safe & friendly environment where members and their guests can enjoy each other's company based on mutual respect. Consideration for others, common sense and a few simple guidelines will help everyone create and sustain the special atmosphere that characterizes our gatherings.

The open, relaxed and inclusive nature of our gatherings is only possible because of the dedication of every member of SCNA to preserve it. We all have an obligation to watch out for one another and to assure everyone's safety and comfort.

Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests. If you invite someone to a SCNA function, please make certain that whomever you bring knows and agrees with our guidelines.

Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children at SCNA events.

With regard to both guests and children, members are expected to be present with those they invite.

Simple courtesies mean a lot. It is a universal practice of naturists to always use a towel to sit on when nude, whether it be at a private residence or a commercial facility.

Noise making devices of infinite variety abound in our culture. Enumerating them all would be impossible. They range from cell phones to pagers to boom boxes to electronic games which emit squeaks. Please leave them at home or silence them.

Smoking rules will depend upon the facility. Smoking is generally not permitted indoors and may not be permitted outdoors either depending on the wishes of the host. If smoking is permitted please be considerate with your second hand smoke.

The presence of cameras is unsettling to those who because of their profession or other reason do not wish to have their photograph taken. At most events cameras are inappropriate unless photography is permitted at a specific event or in a specific area. When photographs are permitted they must have explicit permission from everyone who is visible in the picture. In an effort to safeguard everyone, young and old, photographs of children are not permitted to be taken at any SCNA events.

Please respect the personal space of all individuals. It is everyone's right to be free of unwanted attention. "No" means no! If you ever encounter someone who does not respect this rule, you will find a large number of people who will make it very clear.

Our gatherings are distinguished from those of some other naturist groups by our openness towards natural expressions of affection. Where events are held at facilities that permit it, you will find a wide range of wholesome sensual expression from hand holding to hugging and massage. In consideration of the sensitivities of others, open sexual activity is not appropriate.

Please do not bring firearms, illegal drugs or pets!

Oh, by the way, clothing is optional.

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