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Beat Literature

Literary Kicks (Beat Writers Past and Present)

This rich site is the personal project of writer Levi Asher. From Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg to their lesser known friends and inspirations, Asher gives you a fabric of cross-linked descriptions. People, places and events from the 1940's and 50's non-traditional writing movement that underpins the term Beat share space with hip writers of the 1960's and the kindred spirits of today.

Jump directly to Asher's summary of The Beat Generation and you'll also find links to many other good Beat sites selected by a thoughtful guy who cares.

Levi Asher's own story and works come with links to other literary sites. If HE likes them, they are certainly worth a trip.

The Beat Page

Kenneth Rumsey's well-done and currently-maintained site devoted to The Beat Generation writers. Good reviews from "Yahoo! Internet Life" and many on-line listing sites. Kenneth's ("Hey, we all have our passions") The Beat Page -- Links has links to Beat Related Web Sites and Beat Books and Merchandise Web Sites. It also includes the Hip Manual, "a spoof on the hipsters of the Beat Generation that teaches you 'how to speak hip'".

The Beat Generation Archives

Colin Pringle's collection of references to articles by or about the Beats and Beat Generation related web sites. This is a home page from a Hippie soul who's site, The Wild Bohemian Home Page has "links to pages about Hippies, the Beat Generation, the Grateful Dead and other Bohemian bands, outlaw bikers (including the Hells Angels), plus everything else Bohemian I can find..." (We have a somewhat broader concept of Bohemian, but Mr. Pringle's is probably a more common view today.)

Beat Generation Resources Page

Marcus Williams' collection of news, events and links -- more actively updated in 1998 and 1999 than recently. (It does have a link to a news item on Gregory Corso's death in January, 2001.)

If you check out Marcus's Home Page you'll find interesting and useful Novell NetWare articles and personally written Application Notes interspersed with his Books and Poets pages, Esoterica, links to Electronic Literature and Other Documents, Art, and Caring for the World links. Thoughtful, diverse and non-traditional, his outlook is one that comes to mind when we think 'Bohemian'.


Next... (the Southern California Poetry Calendar)

This site is the wonderful contribution of poet G. Murray Thomas, who includes a monthly calendar of poetry events from Santa Barbara south to San Diego. His poetry "Links" page will keep you discovering new treasures for weeks.

Thomas has a collection of his works in print for only $9.95 ( Cows on the Freeway , ISBN: 0-595-09743-X). He has posted a short poem that will touch anyone who manages computer systems (or space rockets), "Life Is So Much Easier Now That I No Longer Know Everything".

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